Silicone Rubber Heater

Silicone rubber electric heating belt is  waterproof and can be used for heating and heat preservation of pipelines, pots and tanks of industrial equipment or laboratory in moist places without explosive gas and they can be directly wound on the surface of a to-be-heated position, and is of simple installation, safety and reliability.

1.Good Softness: It can be wound directly on the heating device, easy installation, good contact and even heating.

2.Reliable Insulation: Silicon rubber has good heat resistance and reliable insulation performance.

3.Waterproof:Can be used for heating and heat preservation in damp, explosive industrial place or pipes and tanks in test room.

4.High Quality: Made of nichrome wire and insulating silicone rubber material, fast-heating and durable to use.

5.Widely Used: It can be used in air conditioner compressor, motor, submersible water pump and so on for auxiliary heating.




Silicone rubber heating belt, It prevents water from freezing in cold weather. You can keep the temperature constant for a long time by gently winding it around a water pipe and connecting it to a power supply. You'll be able to use tap water quickly and easily in cold weather.


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