Extruder barrel die casting copper heating plate duopu

Cast copper heater


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Extruder barrel die casting copper heating plate                

The Cast Copper Heaters are all designed for industrial applications requiring heat treatment of fluids and liquids are more effective for totally homogeneous heating of flat or curved surfaces have a high degree of performance because tubular heating elements are shielded, cast copper heaters providing a longer life and trouble-free.

Order Guide

Please specify the following when ordering.

1. The inner diameter (mm) and length (mm) of heaters

2. Thickness of heaters

3. Terminal length (max & min) and the distance of terminal length

4. The diameter, length of cooling tubes and the distance between them.

5. Voltage and power density

6. Gap of two pieces if applicable

7. Wiring type and position

8. Whether need air blowers

9. Content of the stamping if needed

10. Order quantity

* It’s better to provide us with the drawings/pictures


Extruder barrel die casting copper heating plate                

* High operating temperatures

* Liquid cooling or air-cooling fins

* Any size or shape available

* Pressure casted ensures porosity free high density casting

* Extremely ruled and resistant to damage

* Precise and accurate control of temperature due to heat cool action

* High watt densities available


Extruder barrel die casting copper heating plate               

* Extruder Barrels

* Thermoforming equipment

* Extrusion Die Heads

* Blow Moulding machines

* Packaging

* Food warming

* Glue pots

* Medical equipments

* Rubber presses

* Window machines

* Transfer machines

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