electric heater heating element for oil or water pool Instant Water Heater Flange Heater

Immersion Heater


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electric heater heating element for oil or water pool Instant Water Heater Flange Heater



Product Description

Application Of Electric Immersion Water Heater :

Flange immersion  heater are easy to install and maintain. Designed for heating liquids and gases in tanks and pressure vessels, Laiyuan flange immersion heaters are ideal for applications requiring higher kilowatts.


Laiyuan flange immersion heaters feature Laiyuan 's industry leading heating elements. These elements can be brazed, staked, or welded to a four- or six-bolt flange and mounted directly to a mating flange that is welded to a tank wall nozzle.


Laiyuan  flange immersion heaters are available with a wide array of options to tailor each heater to your particular application. To provide process temperature control, Additionally, there are a number of terminal enclosures available to protect wiring from moisture, corrosion or to provide an air-insulating barrier between the flange and terminal enclosure. Type J or K thermocouples, which offer more accurate sensing of process and/or sheath temperatures, may be inserted into the thermowell or attached to the heater's sheath. For forced circulation applications, baffles can be arranged on the heating element bundle to enhance and/or modify fluid or gas flow for better heat transfer. A number of material and size options are also available.

Features of Electric Immersion Water Heater :

Flanges immersion heaters are one of the most widely used methods for heating gases and liquids (such as water, oil heat transfer fluid and corrosion solution). Designed for use in tanks and pressurized vessels, they are easy to install and maintain to provide heat for many process. The direct immersion method is energy efficient and easily monitored and controlled.

1.Hot Water Storage Tanks

2.Warming Equipment

3.Preheating All grades of Oil

4.Food Processing Equipment

5.Cleaning and Rinsing Tanks

6.Heat Transfer Systems

7.Process Air Equipment

8.Freeze Protection of any Fluid


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