Mold Machinery for industrial use s.steel temperature controlled heater

Brass Nozzle Heater


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Mold Machinery for industrial use s.steel temperature controlled heater    


Product Description

 Brass nozzle heaters are a top-quality product that is the result unique high-technology.


They are sealed against external agents such as melted plastics.


HengBo are a rugged prodyct that is very resistant to wearing and shocks.Their high watt-density per square centimeter allows a fast and safe reaching of the required working temperature.


During manufacturing,the heaters are submitted to extremely high pressure that ensures high insulation,excellent thermal exchange,lack of internal voids,perfectly smooth contact area for an optimum and uniform heat transfer to every part of the nozzle.


The inner profile is perfectly round,providing a perfect coupling with the nozzle.Size of the connectiong cap is minimal,giving extremely limited overall dimensions.


Power connection is performed by a metal braiding cabl,standard length 1m,with two nickel power leads and one galvanized-copper grounded lead. 



Industrial HeaterNozzle Band Heaters
1Injection molding
3Plastic extrusion
4Container, pipe, or tank heating
5Pharmaceutical applications
6Applications in the food industry


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