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Brass Band Heater With Fiberglass Sheath

Brass Nozzle Heater


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Hot Sale Blow Moulding Machine Heater Band 


Product Description

Yancheng Laiyuan manufacture design  Cable Heaters, Nozzle Heaters, and Coil heaters are meeting customer's application requirements.


When extremely focused heat is a must, and a very low profile is essential, Cable Heaters some times referred to as Coil Heaters are the most practical solution to your high temperature heating needs. Cable Heater and Coil Heaters feature continuous operating temperatures of up to 1200°F. Fast heating and cooling occurs due to the low mass construction. All Cable heater heating elements are sealed from contamination and the stainless steel provides maximum corrosion resistance. Coil Heaters and cable heaters can be used to apply the heat on specific sections, or the cable heater may be spread to equalize the temperature across the process to be heated. An optional internal J or K thermocouple may be utilized for over temperature control. The most common application for Cable heaters is to coil the heater into Nozzle Heater for hot runner control systems.


Features and Benefits

• Sheath temperatures to 1200°F (649°C)

• Stainless steel sheath for corrosion resistance

• End seals to prevent contamination

• Rapid heating

• Integrated temperature sensor

• Stainless steel sheath for corrosion resistance


Hot runner applications :

• Transportation

• Packaging

• Building and construction

• Toys

• Electrical

• Electronics

• Furniture and furnishings

• Consumer and institutional

• Industrial and machinery

• Medical



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