hot air plastic Injection molding machine Cartridge tube heater

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  hot air plastic Injection molding machine Cartridge tube heater



Product Description

  Advantage Of 40W Cartridge Heater :

  1. Long life span, rational internal structure design. Using imported high-purity magnesium oxide mandrel and magnesium power for filling, high thermal conductivity

  2. Using Centerless Machine to standardize Diameter, high thermal efficiency, fast heat dissipation.

  3. Advanced technology and equipment make the quality good and stable.

  4. All items have passed CE and ROHS certification.

Application of 40W Cartridge Heater :

It is used in plastic mold, home appliances, thermoforming machinery, cigarette machinery, rapid sealing machine, pharmaceutical machinery, analysis equipment, footwear industry, semiconductor eutectic welding, die casting enter-road heating and non-runner injection, equipment for gases cooling, etc.



We can develop as per your request, pls advise your specifications:

1. Material, Diameter, length

2. Wattage and voltage 3. Type of terminal 4. Drawing of special type configuration


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