Hot runner electric heating element coiled heaters with thermocouple k

Hot runner coil heater


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Product Description

  Coil Heater -- Applications:

1. Injection moulding machine nozzle

2. Hot Runner Nozzles & Bushings.

3. Packaging machineries

4. Hot runner Injection moulds.

5. Injection & Blow Moulding Machine Nozzles. 

6. PET prefrom & Thin wall container Moulds

7. Hot runner Manifolds.


Coil Heater - Features:

1.Standard sizes available with various cross section

2.Various Watt Density option available

3.Designed for even heat profile

4.Precision fit on Hot Runner Nozzles

5.Highly Non-corrosive

6.Choice of Terminal Exits

7.Advanced Thermal Engineering

Available with in built Thermocouple

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