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Sensitivity: Thermistors can vary with very small temperature variations.

Precision: Thermistor can provide high precision and error.

Cost: For the high performance of thermistors, it has a high cost performance ratio.

Ruggedness: The structure of the thermistor makes it very durable.

Flexibility: Thermistors can be configured in a variety of physical forms, including minimal packaging.

Sealing: Glass packaging provides a sealed packaging to avoid sensor failure due to moisture.

Surface mounting: Provide various sizes and resistance tolerances.

Among the disadvantages of thermistors, automatic heating is usually the only design consideration. Appropriate measures must be taken to limit the induced current to a sufficiently low value in order to reduce the automatic heating error to an acceptable value.

Nonlinear problems can be solved by software or circuit, and wet problems that can cause failures can be solved by glass packaging.

All sensors have specific advantages and disadvantages. To ensure the success of the project, the key is to match the sensor function with the application.


Resistance and Temperature of RTD



Main Advantages of Thermistors

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