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When RTD resistance is measured and its temperature is changed, the response is almost linear, acting like a resistor. As shown in Figure 1, the resistance curve of the RTD is not completely linear, but deviates to several degrees (showing a line for reference) - but is highly predictable and repeatable. In order to compensate for this slight nonlinearity, most designers digitize the measured resistance values and use the look-up table in the microcontroller to apply the correction factor. The repeatability and stability of this wide temperature range (about - 250 C to + 750 C) make RTD extremely useful for high precision applications, including measuring the temperature of liquids or gases in pipes and large containers.

Whether the temperature sensor is suitable for your application will depend on the required temperature range, accuracy, linearity, solution cost, function, power consumption, solution size, installation method (surface mounting method and through-hole insertion method, as well as the ease of circuit design).


Resistance and Temperature of RTD




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