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Polyimide materials have excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance and radiation resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. They are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, electronic industry and other fields.

In recent years, with the rapid progress of photoelectric materials, flexible electronic appliances based on organic light-emitting semiconductor (OLED) have been greatly developed.

The brittle silicon-based materials used in the traditional electronic field are difficult to meet the demand of flexibility, while the glass transition temperature of transparent film materials, such as PMMA and PC, can not reach the assembly and fabrication temperature of devices.

Transparent polyimide film overcomes the shortcomings of traditional polyimide film with light yellow or deep yellow color. It is a relatively new type of polyimide. Its excellent thermal performance satisfies the needs of the new development of photoelectric materials. It is widely used in liquid crystal oriented film, optical thin film, flexible device substrate film and other photoelectric devices.


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