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The detectable temperature of NTC ranges from - 20 C to + 200 C. The ambient temperature of NTC is not high. NTC can be used in normal temperature areas, such as food and medicine temperature control, automotive industry, household air conditioning, etc. NTC type semiconductor temperature sensor is not recommended for high temperature and low temperature measurement, and the measurement error is large.

NTC temperature sensor consumer electronics market and automotive electronics market are the main areas of demand for MEMS sensors. Among them, the demand of consumer electronics market is very large, which makes air-conditioning temperature sensor occupy a high proportion in consumer electronics products; in the field of automotive electronics, automotive electronics needs at least 50 micro-electronic sensors, so the demand for micro-electronics is also great. In the future, due to the rapid development of wearable equipment and vehicle network technology, it is expected that the main demand for sensors will still be consumer electronics and automotive electronics. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of residents'income, the improvement of consumer demand, the rapid development of electronic information technology, and new methods to ensure non-intrusion into organizations. NTC temperature sensors are designed for medical imaging, but they can also be extended to other applications, such as environmental science, biology, food production and quality control.


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