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The mica heating coil is composed of an insulating material and a very soft alloy heating strip of nichrome wire.

It has a high power density design superior to other products, with fast heat dissipation, high thermal efficiency, and an extremely long service life.

And a general constant power band outside the insulation, and in some cases, the need to use the added time. Mica heating ring has excellent water resistance, can be used in industrial heating equipment or laboratory pipelines, heating and heat preservation of tanks and tanks, no explosive gas, no need to worry about machine failure or even explosion due to liquid inflow The accident occurred. One of the characteristics of the product is that it can directly heat the components, and the installation is simple, and it can be directly wound on the components, and the operation is convenient and simple. Applicable to cold areas, cold and sub-frigid zones can be used normally, energy efficient. Insulation and thawing of pipes and solar powered hot water pipes can replace some of the main functions of ice and snow tropical silicone rubber. And also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, and aging resistance. In order to avoid flammable and explosive media pits, vignetting and other places where danger is likely to occur. When installing, the location of the silicone rubber band should be as easy to select as possible.


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The features of mica heating coil

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