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Impact resistance - The heating plate structure makes the panel extremely durable. This function is based on the test results of the BSEN438-2 / 91 sports ball droop test and is confirmed by daily practical use.

Scratch-Resistant - The special surface structure of the cermet heater makes the ceramic plate scratch-resistant and can remain intact for a long time even under the influence of various hard objects. Test wear resistance by BSEN438-2 / 91 - Heat plate to confirm that the ceramic plate has strong abrasion resistance and is suitable for places where heavy objects are placed or where frequent cleaning is required.

Cleaning - The tight ceramic heating plate has a non-breathable surface that prevents dust from adhering to it, so the product can be easily cleaned with the relevant solvent without any color effect.

Moisture resistance - The water absorption of the ceramic plate is comparable to that of glass. It is not affected by weather changes and humidity, nor is it mildew.

UV-resistant - The UV resistance of the ceramic board and the stability of the panel color all meet the international standard JS0105A02, so the ceramic board is not affected by weather changes, whether it is sun and rain, or the core and appearance of the temperature change ceramic board Will change.

Fire resistance - According to the BSEN438-2 / 91 test, the surface of the ceramic plate has a strong protective ability to burn cigarettes. The material is flame retardant and the panel does not melt and retain its properties for extended periods of time.

Anti-static - According to DIN 51953 and DIN 53482, ceramic plates have proven to be antistatic materials, making the panel ideal for dust-free areas, the optical industry and the computer industry.

Chemical resistance - The cermet heater has strong chemical resistance, such as acid and oxidation resistant toluene. Ceramic plates also protect against disinfectants, chemical cleaners and food-containing juices and dyes. They do not affect the properties of the ceramic plate or surface.


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Ceramic Heating Plates Capability

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