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Pipe heaters can be used with liquids or gases. The common gases are hydrogen and nitrogen.Gas pipe heater is similar to liquid pipe heater in shape and structure, but the inlet of gas pipe heater is above and the outlet is below. Because the density of nitrogen and hydrogen is less than that of air, in order to make nitrogen and hydrogen fully heated, the inlet is above the cylinder. A plurality of guide plates are arranged inside the pipeline to guide the residence time of the gas in the inner chamber, so that the gas is uniformly heated and the heat conversion rate is improved. The position of the guide plate should be staggered up and down, and the height of the guide plate is two-thirds of the inner diameter of the cylinder. At present, the shell of gas pipeline heater in the market is mostly welded by multi-sheet metal combination. Although the cost is reduced, the gas tightness is very poor. Our company adopts seamless welding technology, with a whole piece of stainless steel directly curvature processing, can reduce heat loss and safety.

Gas pipeline heaters are widely used in chemical industry, weapon industry, aerospace industry and scientific research and production laboratories of universities and colleges.


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Pipe heater for gas heating

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