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Temperature resistance: The silicone pad product is based on silicon-oxygen bond. The thermal stability of the silicone pad product is high. The chemical bond of the silicone cake mold molecule does not break or decompose under high temperature. Silicone mats are not only resistant to high temperatures, but also resistant to low temperatures and can be used over a wide temperature range. Whether it is chemical or physical mechanical properties, it varies little with temperature. 2. Physiologically inert: The silicone compound is one of the most inactive compounds known. They are very resistant to biological aging, have no rejection reaction with animals, and have good anticoagulant properties. 3, electrical insulation properties: silicone pad products have good electrical insulation properties, its dielectric loss, withstand voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity and surface resistivity are among the best in insulating materials, and their Electrical performance is minimally affected by temperature and frequency. Therefore, silicone mats are a stable electrical insulating material and are widely used in the electronics and electrical industries. In addition to excellent heat resistance, silicone has excellent water repellency, which is a guarantee of high reliability in the use of electrical equipment under wet conditions.

What is the difference between a household silicone insulation mat and a wooden insulation mat?

Mainly different in material. Everyone prefers silicone, soft and comfortable.

Silicone tableware insulation pad which is good

Aag is the most beautiful placemat I have ever seen, haha. Jiabao is in use, very easy to use.

Which is better for silicone and pvc insulation mats?

The pvc placemat is made of pvc silica gel, and the products made have the taste and oil; in comparison, the silicone placemat is resistant to high temperature -50~300 degrees, the service life is longer, and it is non-toxic and odorless. The quality silicone placemat is well insulated, does not stick to the tabletop, and is easy to clean. So still the silica gel is better. hope this helps!




Electric rubber heater of silicone pad
Silicone rubber heater features



The difference between silicone pad product and normal pad product

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