Which heaters meet the new EU standard?
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As we previously reported, any new electric heaters sold in the EU will need to comply with an updated set of regulations. The new legislation, EcoDesign Lot 20, is set to improve the efficiency and performance of electric heaters. We tested our most recent batch of heaters to the new heating standard to find out if theyre energy efficient, and weve found some models that fall short of the regulations. If a heater fails the standard, it is still safe to use and, provided it was manufactured prior to 2018, it can still be legally sold. But a heater that doesnt meet the standard lacks the same energy efficiency and performance of one that does. Some retailers may try to clear old non-compliant stock early in 2018. Be wary of big sales or significant reductions in price; these heaters may or may not have the energy-saving features that are included in the legislation. So even though youll save on the purchase price, youll end up paying for it in the long run on your energy bills. To find out which models pass the grade, see our in-depth electric heater reviews.


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