Cartridge heaters are made of metal tube (including stainless steel and copper tube), along the central axis of the tube, the spiral electric alloy wire (nickel chrome, iron chrome alloy) are uniformly distributed. The gap fills compacted magnesium oxide with good insulation thermal conductivity performance, the nozzle ends sealed with silicone, this metal armored heating elements can heat the air, metal molds and a variety of liquids.


Long-term service life ,advanced design of interior structure ,highly purified magnesia rod and powder ,great heat conductivity,and spacial abrasive equipment.

Adopt special abrasive equipment ,to ensure tube diameter is fit for operation equipment.high heat efficiency and quick heat elimination.


Application to plastic formed mold,thermal pressure forming machine,cigarette making machine,pharmaceutical machinery, shoemaking industry,packing machinery,etc.All products are manufactured as per CE criteria.


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Cartridge Heater

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