Poly tetra fluoro etheylene, also referred to as PTFE and Teflon, is a synthetic fluoropolymer. PTFE is typically used in extreme environments.  PTFE can withstand very high and low temperatures, is extremely durable and exhibits excellent electrical properties.  These characteristics explain why PTFE / Teflon® is a widely used product.  PTFE is commonly used military, aerospace, coaxial, and appliance wiring applicationst



Silicone rubber insulated cables retain their properties of temperatures ranging from -60°C to 250°C. it has high dielectric strengths, high resistance to dielectric fatigue with low dielectric constants combined with low dissipation factors.These properties, combined with excellent moisture resistance, ensure long-term reliability even when operating under moist and corrosive conditions.Silicone rubber cables have excellent resistance to ozone, UV light, radiation, arcing and corona discharge, and will remain relatively unaffected even after long term exposure to extreme weathering conditions.



A wire from the sensing point to the thermocouple point to measure the temperature of the signal.Thermocouples are sensors that measure temperature, which are made of two different metals that are connected at the induction end.Different thermocouples use different metal mixtures in wire.The millivolt supplied by the thermocouple represents the difference in the temperature of the induction terminal compared .

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